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Antipope Francis (Pachapapa Bergoglio) - Unabashed Champion of the "Children of [Lie]"

+ J.M.J. Solemnity of Our Lord Jesus Christ, Sovereign King  Pachapapa Bergoglio on 'civil union'* for gays/homosexuals (RomeReports; CNA; CNS). In the original Spanish: "convivencia civil" (civil coexistence); but, a 'right' to family with legal protection? Diabolical trickery indeed! | *as before civil authorities - which union, however, is never considered marriage binding before God; rather, the sinful life of cohabitation in fornication accorded legal recognition and protection by Masonic Republics such as ours | - defies Eternal Judgment and his own Vatican II-UPDATED 'moral teaching'....  Against the lie that gays/homosexuals are "children of God" - "God created man to His Image: MALE and FEMALE He created them... and they were VERY GOOD" (Gen. 3.27,31). To say that one IS 'homosexual' or 'gay' - he IS standing in defiance of God in His eternal judgment : CHOOSING to invent for himself a 'third sex'

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