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"New 'Missal'" of 'Liturgical Reform' - 'Dynamic' Revision of the Spirit of Truth

"O God, Who for the deliverance of Christians FROM the power of the PAGANS, graciously willed to enrich Your Church by a new religious offspring through the most glorious Mother of Your Son..." - Collect, Feast of Our Lady of Ransom (24th Sept.) The Spirit of Truth is clear by the traditional prayer of the #Catholic Church above : the Mohammedans (Moslems), who had overrun the greater part of Spain in the 13th c., contrary to the so-called 'dogmatic constitution' "Lumen Gentium" (par. 16) of Vatican II <"We worship with our brother Moslems... the same merciful [g]od... [why a "New 'Missal'"]">, are not "our brothers" in the Faith for "...the heathens sacrifice... to devils, and not to God. And I would not that you should be made partakers with devils [through Vatican II 'ecumenical' harlotry of inter-religious 'prayer service'] (I Cor. 10.20). This is that "rigidity [behind our true #Sanct

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