No 'Official' - But, Divine - Recognition


Octave Day of the Feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus

Move not, O sun! (Josue 10.14) ?? Did the sun miraculously stop (traditionally, counted among the miracles in Sacred Writ - Fr. H. Pope, OP in "Catholic Student's Aid to the Bible") as it had stopped at the command of Josue of Old?

Or, the Orient from on high has visited us (Lk. 1.78) and displayed brightly the delight of the Lord (Ps. 26.4) in His traditional dwelling place amongst us?

On 5th July 2019, a First Friday and Octave Day of the Feast of the Most Sacred Heart of Our Lord, TWO BRIGHT RAYS OF LIGHT which favored the new altar of our Chapel dedicated to Our Immaculate Mother of Carmel, constructed in time for the visitation of His Excellency, the Most Reverend Gerardo Zendejas, STAYED ON CONSTANTLY IN THE SAME DIRECTION—FOR 44 MINUTES : from the first incensation of the altar UNTIL the elevation of the Sacred Wine… #ValidAndLICIT


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